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spiritual healing

Independent Wings healing work is intuitive, accessing the wisdom of the universe, there are no limits. Incorporating many tools and modalities of Spiritual and energetic healing and counselling. Accessing the akashic records to clear negativity from past lives, other dimensions and this life, your Soul will be “jump” started, and gently guided and empowered on its way forward.

Energetic healing and clearing will be incorporated with practical counselling and life tools you can use to work your way through all dimensions of wounds and fears. Moving you forward in your journey through life in the direction your heart wishes you to go.

Independent Wings is the catalyst, womb, cocoon, from which your transition into the beautiful being you are flows. Giving birth to the real you.


Speak to me Butterfly,
What have you to say?
How was it as the caterpillar?
How was it then locked away?

Did you feel the changes?
Was it painful to grow wings?
Were you like an embryo,
Safe, protected, unaware of your beginnings?

The miracle of creation,
Was bestowed upon your life,
For what other creature,
Can transform within one life?

One humble form took on another,
Soaring to new heights,
With wings you have a brand new lense,
Fresh perspectives to discover.

What’s it like to fly so high,
Be carried by the wind,
A brand new mission now deep within,
Was driving that transition.

Can this be for everyone,
This miraculous transformation,
Will we make it through the chrysalis,
Bringing light to our darkened nation?

It can’t be true,
Such growth anew,
A trouble free ride?
Yet low behold you made it through,
As if taken in your stride.

You changed your structure,
Changed your shape,
New goals take up your vision,
It shows us that it can be done,
You are the inspiration.

Kylie Shaw Wallace, 3rd September, 2006.