healing words

Image of heart shape Arielle born to Elizabeth and Tamir 9th August 2006.

An Awe to Behold

A mighty battle,
A beautiful story,
One woman’s journey,
To follow her destiny.

A labour of love,
A labour of toil,
She stands with nature,
Planted deeply in soil.

An awe to behold,
Is Elizabeth’s power,
A goddess of womanhood,
Its riches devoured.

Up to its heights,
And down to its pits,
She journeyed them all,
Always keeping her wits.

Much a tear needed shed,
Along this untrodden track,
Hour upon hour,
Pain knocking at her back.

But inside her womb,
A child battles on,
In her journey to be born,
And be reunited as one.

Cal, Mychelle, Tamir and Bacheva,
Filling your cup with loves embrace,
Renewing your strength,
Enriching your space.

Helpless to do if for you,
Yet sharing in your load,
It was your two bodies alone,
That battled to the pits of your souls.

For this event of birth,
A woman’s right of passage,
A child’s fight for life,
Sometimes gentle,
And others so savage.

One journey over,
Another to begin,
Newly seeing and touching,
Skin to skin.

The birth of a daughter,
Was Elizabeth’s aim,
Sweet miracle of nature,
Arielle is her name.
Love was the lesson,
As they met one another,
Slippery and wet,
Each in awe of the other.

And her is her father,
Amazed with his lover,
Their child in his arms,
To newly discover.

Away it flows,
This labour tide,
Washed away,
Replaced with love,
Replenished with a parent’s pride,
Can our hearts be,
This open and wide?

Kylie Shaw Wallace 10th August, 2006.

Image of heart shape Lillia born to Jackie and Dave and brother Harry, 28th October 2006.

Lillia, All Heart and Love.

A Child is born,
Into fathers arms,
Lifted from the waters,
To meet her mother’s charms.

A shorter journey,
Than her brother, Harry,
Who was woken from his slumber,
To witness this grand finale!

The end of a pregnancy,
Of a child beautifully grown,
Cherished and cradled,
In a womb where she was sown,

Perfectly timed,
Just like the cake,
Which rang in the oven,
That Nonny did bake.

So here she is at last,
A precious daughter,
Pricelessly healthy, we see,
Born to smiles and laughter.

Not an easy journey,
Such a labour of love,
A mother’s energy spent,
For the daughter she was sent.

But shared with her family,
Nurtured by their arms,
Dave, Mum, and Reece,
Gifted that much needed,
Emotional release.

And a very special person,
Shared with us his deep emotion,
That he was shedding “Happy Tears”,
Such words of wisdom,
Will never be forgotten.

So welcome Lillia,
To our planet Earth,
We honour your arrival,
And celebrate your birth.

Kylie Shaw Wallace 10th December, 2006.

Image of heart shape Benny born to Sarah and Daniel, 31st December 2006.

A Rush.

Let me out, Let me out,
The year is almost over,
It’s time for me to be born,
Mum, Dad, be ready please,
For I can wait no longer!

With a gigantic gush,
Like a tidal wave,
You unleashed your warm wet home,
Onto the bedroom mattress,
“Quick get the midwife on the phone”!

The womb where you’ve been living,
This thirty seven weeks,
Is pouring out down cervix plug,
Your head swiftly following its leaks.

The 30th of December,
And the clock strikes midnight,
Time for those contractions,
To begin getting nice and tight!

A rush, a rush, yes,
Yet gentle still,
Due to Sarah and Daniel’s calm,
By 6.30 in the morning,
It’s time for all to come and join.

Sarah’s tried it all,
From bed, to shower, to the toilet wall!
She’s found her shelter there,
It seems this labour’s unrelenting,
“I cannot take 40 hours of this!”,
Said only once in venting.

But it was not to be much longer,
As this was your transition,
Time for you to greet your baby,
Which was your goal,
On this hard, but loving mission.

And so began the journey down,
The widening birth canal,
Daniel, Isis, Kate and I,
Watching on with true inspired awe,
With Judy in the kitchen,
Washing and cleaning baby clothes galore!

And suddenly,
Here baby is,
Head and hand and shoulder,
Out he pops in one fell swoop,
Ready for it to be over.

Gently resting upon the floor,
He opens his lungs,
To let you know,
He can breathe the air,
Your Son is here,
To love and care.

You cradle him in loving arms,
Empowered by yourselves alone,
Well done, he’s here, well done!

Kylie Shaw Wallace 8th January, 2007.

Image of heart shape Darshan born to Anahata and Aruna, 5th January 2007.

And into the light : Darshan Kaianunda.

A full moon begins to wane,
Yet still shining in its glory,
You decide that it’s your time to come,
As the hot sun rises from its nightly story.

And what a special day you chose,
Fro this journey of your birth,
To leave that warm womb haven,
And open your airways to mother earth.

Anahata, this was your journey,
A labour of deep love, together,
Shared beside you with loving arms,
Aruna, your baby’s father.

Who could have known, 5 years ago,
You’d of shared in life’s creation?
Yet a life was sown, 9 months ago,
Due to your deep devotion.

A great celebration, with digeridoo,
Welcomed mother’s tight surges,
Not easy to labour so,
Holding back any fearful urges.

You stood so bold,
With a lioness roar,
You rode this labour tide,
Deeply calm and peaceful,
Opening for your baby,
And easing their ride.

Into the water, and Lucy’s arms,
Aruna joins you there,
Guiding baby’s head out gently,
You lay yourself to bare.

Yes your Son has joined you now,
From mother’s womb to air,
He’s made his safe transition here,
Into your arms for loving care.

And so now landed,
Suckling mother’s milk,
What an incredible journey,
You have had together,
It will serve you well as a family,
No matter what the weather.

Kylie Shaw Wallace 8th January, 2007.

Image of heart shape Leonardo born to Rychalle and Greg, 28th March 2007.
(poem written for Baby shower a month before the birth)

Rychalle : Baby Moon.

The eve of the moon,
So full in the sky,
Is there another moon’s cycle,
To yet pass by?

An eclipse on the morrow,
A baby shower today,
To welcome this baby,
And bless their auspicious journey,
To earth on their chosen birth day.

We celebrate a woman,
Opening in flower,
Rychalle is her name,
Fully embracing her transition,
With blend of old and new tradition.

Such a sacred journey,
Of divine motherhood to be explored,
Boldly stepping on the footpath,
Such treasures cannot be ignored.

And so both in waiting,
Enjoying precious moments inside her womb,
Of those bodily connections,
Until the flower’s at full bloom.

Kylie Shaw Wallace 3rd March, 2007.