Image of the Independent Wings community


A heartfelt THANK YOU

To all those individuals, babies and families out there, relatives and friends, all over the world, who have made this possible. You know who you are. You’ve offered inspiration, support, time, guidance, encouragement and pure joy to this creation. Independent Wings could not have been birthed without you.

LOVE to you ALL

Separate and special thanks to

Athene for suggesting a perfect site for the photographs.
Bec Walton for taking the photographs and adding creative ideas.
Rychalle Brown & Elizabeth Haines, for your tireless work helping create the wings!
Harry Fittler for your enduring patience during the photo shoot!
Rychalle, Greg, (and baby bump – Leonardo, birthed safely at home in water, 28th March 2007), Elizabeth, Arielle, Sarah, Benny, Jackie, Dave, Harry and Lillia for being ever so willing to be a part of this site visually, than you so much for your efforts, love and time.
Fiona, Liam and Jessie for offering their birth photograph.
Anahata and Aruna for offering their waterbirth photograph.