Image of Kylie Shaw Wallace


Independent Wings encompasses many aspects. The goal being to lead you on a journey to uncover your heart. That area of yourself, which you covered up long ago.

It is our aim to bring you into an awareness of where your heart and soul wishes to go. Gently encouraging you to take the steps in discovering what you truly love. With this knowledge, you may walk forward through your fears, to live the life you came here to lead.

This work is appropriate for anyone and everyone. Never is it too late to Nurture the child within, allowing it to empower your spirit on its true soul journey. As we nurture our own inner child, we empower our souls, and all those around us, including our own children, the healing cycle of birth and relationship.

Just take a step, your Soul is calling you.
Unfold your Wings and soar.

The Journey.

And so behold,
A child is born,
Of pure innocence,
And purity untold.

Experiencing the world,
with open eyes,
smelling, touching,
feeling tasting,
examining everything,
no moment wasting.

Purely present,
within the moment,
able to enjoy,
able to forget.

Days full of laughter,
Tears embraced with love,
Protected so perfectly,
by Himself above.

Perfectly landed,
Imperfectly grown,
A life full of judgements, and attachments,
Planted, fertilised,
Sometimes left all alone.

Past, present, future,
The life of an adult,
Rarely in the moment,
Stifling joy,
Unable to forget.

Rational intelligence,
Clouding inner self,
The child within,
Wants born again,
To unconditional love.

Soft acceptance helps,
Healing the soul,
With loving thoughts in and out,
Filling all its holes

Kylie Shaw Wallace, 20th July 2006.