Benny Cocoon


The time has come to make a difference. We are calling you.

Independent Wings is here to create Heaven on Earth. An earth where we live in harmony amongst one another, and harmony with nature. The seeds have been sewn for a conscious living, sustainable community of healers, teachers and birth attenders, in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria.

This creation will need every skill set, those ready to walk through their fears and make a difference to this world. Working together co-operatively to nurture these precious seeds to full bloom.

Men, Women, Children, all are welcome. Those with great imaginations and a will to get your hearts and hands back into the earth. Like a community of ants, all helping one another in a common goal.

United a way will be created. Giving our children the most valuable tools of empowerment from conception to live their true selves from the beginning, throughout life to death.

A village that can be co-created anywhere in the world. Where the sick can be empowered back to health, where women are free to give birth, where schooling incorporates all modes of learning and wisdom’s.

Let us join together to build this brand new world. A world where beauty flourishes rather than withers, where humans are empowered, not disempowered, where children and community harness creation from the love in their hearts for the good of all.

Time to unite and be the beings we truly are, inspirational creators with limitless options and infinite possibility.

Let us give birth together

Image of Independent Wings Community girls and babies

Love: A Drop in the Ocean.

It rains, it pours,
And then the sun soars,
Much like the soul,
Up and down, becoming whole.

Nature on its own,
Runs in finely tuned balance,
But with greeds human input
It is knocked from its stance.

Is this the same for the Soul?
Has materialism taken its tolle?
Does the Soul ache for nourishment?
Is the body starved of true enjoyment?

The Mother Earth, the Father, the Universe,
All stand together, of one consciousness
Set to burst,
Short term pleasures,
Won’t fill your black holes
You need to find your inner love
To make yourself whole.

The oneness you are,
Is the oneness you seek,
In loving yourself
You will relight another’s cheek.

A drop in the ocean,
Is one loving Soul,
But a drop makes a ripple
And this affects us all.

Kylie Shaw Wallace, 3rd August, 2006