Elizabeth and Arielle


The world is an Ocean of love, and in it stands Midwives, holding the space for these angelic new souls to be birthed, and those wonderous parents to be safe and heal. What a privilege. When the river of love flows, we all grow.

Poem by Anahata, son Darshan, born 5th January, 2007, and to father Aruna.

Image of heart shapeButterfly (Ode to a Midwife)

Baby, carried nine months,
Now the midwife, carries,
Mother and Child,
Another Bride,
Lifted over the threshold of home.

Mid Wife,
Married to the sacred,
To life itself.
She does her work,
By being there,
Midway between,
This world and,
That other world.

A baby makes its way,
On a hot summer day,
(She knew which day it would be),
She parks her car and opens the gate of,
34, Fraser street,
(she “just knew” when to arrive).

She enters the lounge room,
Her step is light,
As the birthing woman
Does her heavy,
Grunting work.

Mother bears down,
With loud primal groans,
Midwife bears witness,
As she remains in,
a silent undercurrent.

The baby is close to,
This world now,
And from that other world,
The midwife sends,
A river of silence,
To ease the physical impact,
For this new soul.

Midwife, Her presence,
Has the delicate weight
Of a butterfly,
Poised on a leaf.

She honours
The moment of birth,
Suspended, wings still,
This moment is awake,
And births us all.

Then the butterfly takes flight,
With a flash of brilliance,
Here, now, awake,
This moment,
Life, precious, transient.

Image of heart shape Mairead & Steve - son Tiarnan, born 7th August 2003.

“Tiarnan's birth was a very empowering experience for me and your skilful reflective practice and support has had a huge influence in my life. So much so that I decided to follow my passion and work in the birth industry. I am just about to certify as a Doula and am also training as a childbirth educator. My three home births have been amazing experiences - each one better than the one before.

The one area of being a doula that I am always working on are my reflective listening skills. I now realise how skilfully you enabled us to direct our own birth experience. By avoiding directing us in any way you forced us to do the work and make the decisions to achieve the birth that we wanted.

I now also know, from dealing with clients, just how difficult it is to refrain from influencing a birth in any way and how hard it is to truly listen to somebody. I now model myself on my memories of you. When I struggle with something I ask myself 'how would Kylie answer this' and I always conclude that 'she wouldn't' she would make the client answer it for themselves!

It is only now, having met and worked alongside all sorts of people in the birth industry, that I realise that you have a gift. Your ability to allow a birth to unfold naturally is rare. I feel incredibly privileged to have met you Kylie.

Love Mairead.”

Image of heart shape Poem by Alison – daughter Arianna, born 19th March 2005, of father Neil.

You breathe life,
Gliding beautifully here,
And through inner realms,
Holding the seeds,
And releasing them,
Into the wind,
Trusting they will be carried,
And gently taking
Silver threads,
You give back,
Our binding
Faith in life,
As women gathered to share,
Our rebirthing.

Image of heart shape Amanda & Jonny – daughter Jocelyn, born 3rd July 2003.

“I cannot find the words to tell you how grateful I am for everything you have helped us with during my pregnancy, the birth and afterwards. The kindness and patience you have shown and the gift of life you have helped me fulfil. How can I ever repay you, I can’t it would be impossible. I shall never forget you,
all my love Amanda, Jonny & Jocelyn.”

Image of heart shape Cynthia and Jake – daughter Ella, born 5th November 2002.

“We hoped this day would never come. Its always strange to say goodbye, even more to people that are important to us, that in a certain way changed our lives… You have been a real inspiration for us. You have managed to help us go through our most beautiful experience in life, and we will always remember you for those wonderful moments. We hope you will help more people have the same experience.
Enjoy life, Jake, Cynthia & Ella”

Image of heart shape Emma and Dan – son Dougie, born 20th April 2003.

A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives you roses, thank you. “Which means you must have smelly hands! Seriously the great thing about being a midwife is that you are remembered forever by the parents you work with. I can honestly say Emma and I, and Dougie, will never forget your skill, kindness and support over the past year or so. Don’t be a stranger.
All our love Dan, Emma & Dougie.”

Image of heart shape Janette and Chris – son Rory, born 12th May 2003.

“I don’t know what to say or where to start thanking you! I’ve enjoyed your visits and am sad to end them. Your help, support, advice, encouragement, calmness and good cheer have never failed to do me good. We’re delighted you’ve been so involved in getting Rory here, and to get through the following mad weeks, do not know where we’d be otherwise,
Much love Janette, Chris & Rory.”

Image of heart shape Lilly and Paul – son William, born 31st January 2005.

Lilly - “SUPER MID-WIFE! We cannot thank you enough for the kind and loving way you looked after us and William”
Paul – “You have made a very personal and special time even more so, with all the love, support and Reiki.
BIG LOVE, Paul, Lilly and William.”

Image of heart shape Amaragita and Geoff – son Rohaan, born 19th December 2004.

“The lotus is the buddhist symbol of the precious gem that lies within each life. The unfolding of the lotus slowly petal by petal, gradually reveals the beauty that has always been and will always be. Thank you for your beautiful presence, the stillness and twinkle you brought to Rohaan’s birth,
Much love Amaragita.”