rychalle and greg

your care

Nurture your inner child, empower your soul … bask in the sun, and feel yourself supported gently and tenderly by the hammock of Independent Wings caring hands.

Pregnancy and birth is a time of great change. We are here to support and empower you through these transitions. We are here to listen, and be of service to you finding the right path for you and your child.

Let it be the experience it is meant to be for you all. To achieve this we will encourage you to take responsibility for the decisions and choices you make by providing access, and directing you to limitless sources of information and wisdom.

Allow your souls to sing the joys of this initiation parenthood, or rekindle the flames of your role as woman, man, mother, father.

The female pelvis is the gateway to life on earth. It houses the womb from which we all came. Standing in the power, of your own abilities and your own choices, DARE to believe in your innate nature, your baby’s inherent all knowing birth force and your partners innate strength beside you.

We stand committed to safe empowered birth and parenting.
It’s up to you to embrace this chance for your Soul to make a commitment and a priority in honouring this sacred Journey.


It’s “just” a word,
What is this word,
So familiar in sound?
Has it any meaning?
Or is it “just” a Sound?
What is it’s meaning?
And can it be found?

It is not sticks or stones,
But can it ever hurt me?
Lets look at a story shall we,
And see.
I’m “just” a mother,
Who cares for me?
I care for the future
My children within me,
I care for my partner,
Who in turn cares for me.

This sounds important
The children to be,
They are our future
So how can this be
If I am “just” a mother,
Do I not devalue me?

I can feel my worth
My role is important
It nurtures this Earth.

My Partner is “just” a street-cleaner,
What is his worth?
He takes away the dirt and grime
That would infect this Earth.
He protects my children
By protecting this earth.

This sounds important
The children to be,
They are our future
So how can this be?
If he is “just” a street-cleaner,
Do we not devalue he?

He can feel his worth,
His role is important,
It nurtures this earth.

She is “just” a baby,
What can she know?
She “just” lies there,
Can’t sit or crawl.

She unconditionally loves me,
Shall we give her a chance?
She has lots to give,
One day she will sing and dance.

This sounds important,
This child of mine,
She is our future,
So how can this be
If she is “just” a baby,
Have we not devalued
Who she will be?

SHE is a BABY,
She can feel her worth,
Her role is important,
It will nurture this earth,
Let us nurture her now,
And give her her worth.
In doing so we all regain
Our self-worth.

Is “just” a word
When it devalues you and me?
Lets cast of its spell
It is no longer necessary.
Let us not forget who we are,
Do you agree?

Kylie Shaw Wallace 4th April 2006.

rychalle and greg