Fiona & Jessie


Homebirth is safe. Statistics prove this time and time again. For healthy women and babies there is no reason not to give birth at home.

Your home fosters the perfect environment for your innate natures to flourish and be empowered. Where love flows freely and without judgement. A Space where nature is given the opportunity and space to “be” with itself, without constraint or limitation, but in safe gentle guiding hands.

A Son

A son, A Son,
“Welcome little one”,
Slick and warm
Glistening like the sun.

Slippery and wet,
A wiery cry,
Not yet stirring,
Or opening an eye.

A Son, A Son,
“Wake-up little one”,
Time for me to touch you,
Are you breathing,
Are we done?

Soft and tender,
A precious life,
Long awaited,
With much strife.

A Son, A Son,
“Can you hear us, little one?”
We palpate the relief,
Daddy watches on.

Fresh and new,
The miracle of birth,
Alive and well,
You join us on earth.

A Son, A Son,
“Yes you’re here, little one”,
A cord stops pulsing,
A lifeline gone.

Filled with emotion,
The hormones surge,
I must protect you,
With breast we merge.

A Son, A Son,
“My beautiful little one”,
Our eyes connected,
“it’s me, your Mum”.

Pink and dry,
Love fills our pores,
Welcome to our family,
Dear Jessie, Once more.

In honour of Fiona and Liam, birthing son Jessie, born 9th June, 2006. By Kylie Shaw Wallace.

The Beauty of homebirths, relaxed and homely. Intimate, private and safe.

Kylie at a homebirth of Mary and Frank – daughter Beatrix Blossom, born 25th August, 2004