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gifted children

All children are gifted. We are born with abundant imaginations, our best access to the limitless wisdom of spirit and the universe. As the consciousness of the planet rises, so do the soul’s wishing to return to this wonderous place of earth.

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The list is endless.

If you bring your conscious awareness to this beautiful wisdom you will understand your child’s potential and inherent gifts so much more. In doing so you will be able to offer them tools so they can keep using their gifted imaginations to create the life of their dreams. Empowering and nurturing their souls.

In raising your own awareness, as parents, grandparents and care-takers of the next generations and future here on earth, you will consciously contribute to raising empowered children to their full potential through freely loving and supporting their spirits as well as your own. Be the true role models that you can be.

Remember our children are as much our teachers as our students. It is a wise parent that embody’s this concept and listens respectfully to what their child naturally has to offer then allows and encourages this to grow and flourish.

Jackie and Harry