healing poems

How long did I hide,
From myself, so denied,
The pain and the hurt,
Shovelling in thick dirt.

When will I get to the bottom,
My pit stinking and rotten,
Is there anything left,
Clean and pure to begotten?

Digging and Digging,
The deeper I go,
An empty abyss,
Or a child shelved long ago?

Where was she hiding,
I call out her name
I see her crying
She thinks she’s to blame.

Cold and lonely,
Covered in dirt,
Crouching and scared,
Can I warm her heart?

So long ago,
Dear child of mine
Abandoned, discarded,
In front of the firing line.

Unable to see,
Stumbling, fumbling,
I’ve had no-one guiding me,
Come, little one,
Let me embrace thee.

Come out of hiding,
I promise to listen,
Wash off the mud,
And lets see you glisten!

Kylie Shaw Wallace 8th July, 2006

Here She Comes
Here she comes,
The sunshine and the flowers,
Thick fog lifting,
Cleansing my airways,
Like tropical rain showers.

So much beauty,
A renewal of passions,
Energy, vitality,
Of courage and compassions.

A doorway opening,
Allowing light to shine straight in,
Knowing not who opened it,
But thankful all the same.

Is it you my little princess,
Have we washed off all that dirt,
Is it a result of my hibernation,
And trusting in my heart.

What a wonder to behold,
My fairytale princess,
Out, dancing,
And shimmering in Gold.

Kylie Shaw Wallace 18th July 2006

Coming Out
Is Romance so bold?
Have we grown to old?
Are too many spirits,
Left drifting and cold?

Romance is but a game,
For kindness,
Sweetly offered,
In the loving game.

We need not deny,
It poignant embrace,
Breathe it in deeply,
Allow it to look you in the face.

Romance is born,
Of heart felt love,
It fills the air,
Soaring us up with God Above.

Soaking wet,
The sponge of romance,
Fully absorbed,
Overflows to a lovers dance.

To give love a chance,
Be courageous,
Indulge your heart,
Allow your inner Romance,
The freedom to take part.

Kylie Shaw Wallace 18th July 2006

An Agitated state
A sign of stress,
Troubled with thoughts,
Causing distress.

Get it off your mind,
Get it off your chest,
The sooner you do it,
You'll be able to rest.

Let it fester,
The deeper you go,
Off the rails,
Your troubles will show.

Show in your body,
As the anger builds,
Inner child stamps loudly,
Until your insides spill.

Keep her quiet,
Don’t let her boil,
I don’t want to listen,
I want to recoil.

She has no where to go,
She is trapped in your heart,
Shouting and fighting,
For you to take part.

The further you bury her,
Pretend she's not there,
The sicker you get,
And the bigger your despair.

Sitting in agitation,
Is a lonely life,
You will never be at peace,
With this much strife.

Calm yourself,
Be at peace,
Allow those words,
To spill from your lips.

Listen to her,
And you will find,
The courage to act, to be yourself,
Your tightly sprung cog will unwind.

Kylie Shaw Wallace, 24th September 2006

The Magic Wand
A state of the mind,
Creatively abundant,
Peaceful and kind.

It lifts your mood,
Taking you high,
Up in the clouds,
Where there's beautiful sky.

It makes you dance,
It makes you sing,
It makes you laugh,
Energizing your every being.

Now buzzing and glowing,
You feel so alive,
Infinitely powerful,
Infinitely wise.

In growing so tall,
In soaring so high,
Your soul can rejoyce,
Instead of deny.

So nourish yourself,
Feeding kind words,
Use your mind creatively, awarely,
And you will feel serenity.

The power of creation,
Is within your hand,
To just think positively,
You strike a magic wand.

Kylie Shaw Wallace, 24th September 2006

Virtual Reality or Solid Reality?
What do you want?
Dream without boundary,
And imagine it done.

Paint your picture,
Paint your wishes,
Let no-one knock you over,
From accomplishing its blisses.

That includes you,
With the troubled mind,
Your own worst enemy,
Deluding and unkind.

Reaffirm your vision,
Reaffirm your dream,
Take the positive road,
And continue that theme.

Put beauty in your thoughts,
Put beauty in your mind,
There are limitless options,
For your dreams to unwind.

Believe in yourself,
Believe in your dreams,
The universe loves you,
And will deliver, you'll see.

So think not of lack,
Don’t give that your power,
Because as soon as you do,
Your visions will sour.

Reality Strikes,
And Miracles appear,
If you believe in your dreams,
And stand not in fear.

Kylie Shaw Wallace, 24th September, 2006

Time to be Bold
Do you dare to believe,
Or do you give in to doubt?
"Why did I not get what I want?"
You scream and shout.

A lack of trust,
Blows holes in your faith,
Compounding your error,
In disbelieving it's safe.

And now that your doubt,
Confirmed your fear,
The devil is back,
Talking in your ear.

"Nobody listens,
Nobody helps",
"My wishes were not granted,
Don’t trust higher self"

But where do you come from?
And where do you go?
For if you trust no-one,
You'll have nothing to show.

Don’t live in the past,
Rise above your fear,
There is no need to doubt,
We will always hear.

So let us hear your trust,
And we'll return it ten-fold,
For we want to support you,
If you will be so BOLD.

Kylie Shaw Wallace 24th September, 2006

Is it too much?
Do we only believe,
When the wish is so small,
Falling from your faith,
If we dare to think tall?

"But the problem is a big one,
There is much at stake,
It troubles me much,
If you make a mistake."

But the mistake is this,
My human form,
You forget to me,
your problems are small.

For I am infinite,
And you are an ant,
Do you see my perspective,
It is important.

So next time you fear,
The challenge is too much,
Remember to stand in my shoes,
Together there is nothing, we cannot touch.

Kylie Shaw Wallace, 24th September 2006

Why are you hiding?
Come out, Come out,
Come out of your shell,
There is no need to hide,
You are doing so well.

Take on the challenge,
Give up retreating,
There's a right time for all things,
To spawn new beginnings.

Step out with courage,
Get on the track,
Dissolving those fears,
That keep me in lack.

Standing so tall,
Out I stride,
Fearless, courageous,
Not afraid of a fall.

As if from no-where,
Comes a cry of help,
Yet instead of stepping forward,
I shrink in my shell.

What was that cry,
That froze my bold moves?
Was it the voice inside,
That said I could not do?

Retreat, Retreat,
Retreat in my shell,
Is it safe inside,
Or is it a cell?

So time has come,
To be so bold,
Step forward with passion,
Believe in my Soul.

Come out from hiding,
And show us your whole,
Not only the "tall" one,
But the one who feels "small".

There is nothing to fear,
There is nothing to hide,
Show us your all,
And wear it with Pride.

Kylie Shaw Wallace, 22nd September, 2006

The Bridge
Two lands with water in between,
One heart stands on each shore,
She knows her lover's over there,
Yet knowing nothing more.

Across the water, a distant shore,
Not a form in sight,
But why should that much stop her,
From waiting through the night.

To sit and wait is her desire,
But how long will it be,
It matters not how long it is,
He's worth the wait you'll see.

Can I sit and wait so long,
Will time put out my flame?
Perhaps it may appear just so,
But that's the devil's game.

So how can I, keep occupied,
Those tricks upon my mind?
You could begin to build your bridge,
Forgetting you are blind.

Be constructive, trust he's there,
Follow in your heart,
For once the bridge connects your lands,
You'll never be apart.

Kylie Shaw Wallace 6th August 2006

But a Rose
A rose so sweet,
Soft tender petals,
Rich deep colours
Like precious jewels.

Ruby red,
Just in bud,
Round and whole,
The colour of blood.

So pure,
Needing light,
To spread your wings,
Let the fairies fly out.

But what is this,
On your stem,
Pricking thorns,
Protecting your gem.

A rose, a thorn,
Two sides I see,
One light, one dark,
Both necessary.

None hidden,
Both stand bold,
No secrets then,
A treasure untold.

What a gift,
You give to me,
Oh rose, so sweet,
Of beauty and boundary.

Kylie Shaw Wallace 8th July 2006

The Web
Fly or spider,
Which shall it be,
The maker or the supper,
Are there two parts to me?

Big webs have been woven,
With hard work to master,
Wonderful creations,
Spinning threads,
Getting faster and faster.

The life of a spider,
Is a beautiful wonder,
With tools of birth,
The task could not be simpler.

Once a web made,
She sits and waits,
For life to come to her,
Such faith dominates.

And what of the fly,
Drawn to the web,
Does he have a choice,
Could he fly on by?

Once caught in the web,
A victim is he?
Of his own choices,
Or was it destiny?

Cocooned so tight,
He cannot breathe,
He struggles and struggles,
Click, out goes the light!

Kylie Shaw Wallace 8th July 2006